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Helping hand

Helping each other with services


Now you need to stay home and maintain a personal distance! But in life there are situations when you cannot do without help. If you choose to seek help or are ready to offer help, remember that safety is a top priority!

Avoid direct contact and keep distance. Use protective masks, gloves, sanitizers, and wash your hands regularly. Since the virus remains on the surfaces for up to several hours, take the objects that are delivered only with gloves on and, if possible, do not use them immediately; disinfect the surfaces and rooms in which the work was carried out.


Need help?

1. On the top of the main page, click on "Post Task" button.

2. Indicate the city/village, district or address of residence (all contact information is not public and is strongly protected)

3. Select the “Helping Hand” category and one of the subcategories

4. Post a task - describe what kind of help you need. You can also post additional information about yourself and your important needs in your personal account under the heading "Personal Data" - the "About Me" category.


I can help!

1. Go to the “Helping Hand” category, select the subcategory and tasks you are ready to help with, and offer your helping hand.

2. Or register on the platform and when filling out your personal account skills section, select “Helping Hand” and/or one of the subcategories

3. Get information about tasks you can help with via Telegram, through the website? and by e-mail.


Safety must be your priority - face masks, gloves, sanitizers, hygiene of hands and things that are the objects of delivery and, most importantly, - the distance!


Tell your family and close ones about the “Helping Hand” - share the link!