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Domestic appliances servicing and repair

Is there a person who did not suddenly realize that the refrigerator suddenly turned into a useless cabinet, a coffee maker into a dangerous geyser, and a computer into a box with a screen? It’s not fun at all.

But what about a newly purchased washing machine or a new laptop?

Not everyone knows how to independently repair, connect and install household and digital equipment. And if they’ve got the necessary skills, they don’t always have time for it. In this case, one would rather turn to people who are pretty handy, and who do not mind making money by doing the service you need.

Of course, you can go to the repair shop for household appliances, but it happens that all the employees are busy and will not be able to help in the near future. And what if you need repair of office equipment or power tools at home? Actually, you have to look for someone who is ready to come to your place. By the way, their services will often cost little.

If with your home appliances work just fine, and all friends and family members, after seeing the malfunctioning of their household appliances, turn to you, then you may be considering to fulfill orders?

In this category, we offer to get acquainted with specialists in repair, adjustment and connection of equipment and those who need these services right now.