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Coaching and private tuition

Experience has shown that it’s never too late to learn. At the same time, in different periods of life, we may need skills which we did not consider as crucial a couple of years ago.

To improve, for example, a spoken foreign language it is not necessary to go to a course – it is more convenient for many to communicate with a private native speaker teacher. And to find an instructor who, “at a low cost”, will teach you how to drive a car with automatic transmission, especially in the conditions of a particular city, is also often easier in a private way. The same applies to the teaching of martial arts, fitness and other types of physical activity.

As for specific skills, for example, the ability to work with highly specialized programs or prepare dishes of exotic cuisine, it may be quite difficult to find courses for that. The way-out is private announcements of tutors who work without intermediaries and, as they say, lend their souls into your training.

Want to learn or to teach? Our service is for you. Choose a person who you like, convenient time for classes and amount of payment and onwards and upwards!